At Newdigit we bridge the gap between scientific research in the field of hydrogen technologies, its innovative applications and commercialization for local community benefit.


Our core vision is to pioneer the Hydrogen economy in Nigeria, by developing ground breaking innovations in PEM fuel cell and Sodium Hydrogen Ion Batteries to build the next generation of vehicles and devices that generate electricity from input Water for global deployment.


We strive to pioneer new technologies and design solutions that redefine the energy industry, setting new standards for performance, efficiency, and environmental impact.

We are dedicated to the efficient and widespread commercialization of our Innovation for sustainable progress, at the Industrial and local level

To push the boundaries of hydrogen fuel cell technology. We are committed to conducting groundbreaking research that advances the understanding and application of water-powered fuel cells, propelling us toward a more sustainable and efficient future of transportation.

In the mission of partnership, Newdigit is committed to forging collaborative relationships with industry leaders, research institutions, and like-minded organizations. Our goal is to build strong and mutually beneficial partnerships that accelerate the adoption of Hydrogen technologies, creating a collective impact towards a sustainable future.